Terrible times to be a woman…

Yes, it’s 2022… and no, it’s not only in the states…

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

For the past weeks here in Portugal, the news have been flooded with updates about the situation in our public hospitals. Apparently, the number of Ob/Gyn specialists in a few regions is so low that most hospitals need to close their emergency admissions for women seeking this kind of doctors for several days in a row.
If you’re a woman in need of some gynecological emergency or if you’re pregnant and your baby decides that it’s a good day to show up or God knows what else, you may be in serious trouble!
Portugal is one of the top 5 countries with the oldest population (according to a 2019 study), and instead of caring for the ones who still want to have children and increase the birth rate, our government has left our entire national health care system go to shambles…

… and do you know about Brasil?

An 11 year old child was allowed an abortion in Brasil after weeks of arguments and discussions in court.
An 11 year old child… I’ll write again… child!! that had been raped was finally allowed an abortion! And no, the judge was not a man… The judge was a woman, a woman that looked at a child and pressure her to have the baby and then give it up for adoption…
The fact that a woman can look at a child this young, a child that was raped, and think that it’s a good idea to pressure her into something like this is just utterly disgusting! I’m disgusted as a woman and as a human!

Their dear president deemed the abortion as inadmissible… I’m sad for the ones that live in a country ruled by someone like this.

… what about the USA? Have you heard about Roe vs Wade?

In 1973, a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court decided that the Constitution should protect a woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion. The case that led to this decision was Roe Vs Wade.
In 2022, after almost five decades of human evolution, that decision was overturned. A woman doesn’t have the right or the liberty to choose what to do with her own body anymore, unless she lives in a state that understands this is the 21st century or has enough resources to travel to one.

It’s a sad day to be a woman. Being in 2022, one would think that some things wouldn’t be a subject for discussion anymore, that some essential and basic human and women rights would be just that, essential and basic rights.
It’s not about living in a third world country anymore, it’s not about having men decide about our bodies, our health and our lives. It’s about the human race and our society going backwards in the whole evolution scheme.

What the f**k is happening?



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